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Welcome to Nan Patrick Knows…

For years, I have used Pinterest as my lazy girl’s blog. There I posted photos of fashion, skin care and makeup. I gave my opinions and suggestions. During the Pandemic, I started to post daily on Facebook and Instagram…about fashion and beauty.

I knew it was time to start my own Blog!  I needed a place to house my thoughts and the different aspects of my business…fashion, beauty, skin care, makeup, color, my MK life, my services, and training for my beauty consultants. I wanted to have a website/blog in which I can share my expertise and 40+ years of experience. It’s been a journey.

As you have gone along in your life, you will have seen some changes.

For some of you, those changes have been coming for years. For others, they are just beginning. Maybe the clothes you could always count on, aren’t working any longer. Have you wondered if a look is too young for you?  Have you looked at your closet and wondered whose frumpy closet this belongs to? Or…where the heck did that sunspot on your face come from? What do you do about the puffiness which appeared under your eyes? Perhaps your skin isn’t as tight as you remember. When did that line show up on my face?

All of this…and more will be addressed at Nan Patrick Knows… I will share my thoughts with you. Fashion and beauty are huge industries and they can overwhelm you. My goal is to make your beauty and fashion journey enjoyable and easy to do.

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About Nan

From retail store entrepreneur to image consultant, and a makeup/skin-care guru,  I’ve seen it all!
Today, I put my experience into practical tips for you.


Fashion and Beauty are topics which extend in so many directions. Being the fashion and beauty translator…I love it.  When I help a woman to feel like the best version of herself…it makes my heart sing!


Makeup…it is easy if you let it be fun!

Let’s play!

Skin Care

Your skin…you have it for a lifetime. How you treat it, makes a difference. Knowing your lifestyle, skin type, and needs determines the products which will benefit the way you look and feel.

Your Wardrobe Studio

Style, wardrobe, and fashion…is a broad topic. I have opinions about it all. At Nan Patrick Knows…I’ll be concentrating on women 45 and older.  It’s that age when you let go of your thirties and really dive into that next chapter.  Perhaps you see changes in your body and your skin. You might find yourself asking, Is this is too young? or is this dowdy? Let’s have a discussion. 

My MK Life

Why MK?  Because…it’s fun!

Most people I know, including me, start their Mary Kay businesses to earn more money. I had no idea that Mary Kay would become such an integral part of my life.