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24-24-24 Challenge Script

24-24-24 Challenge Script

Sell 24 people $24+ in 24 hours

Pick your date

You may or may not have heard, I started a new business!  I became a beauty consultant with Mary Kay.  I have to say, it’s been a delightful journey. I love learning new things, and I am so pleasantly surprised to see what MK has done with their products! They are beautiful and I am pleasantly surprised to see what a leader they are in the beauty industry. MK is certainly not your mother’s MK.  Although, I am sure she used it in the day. They’ve been around since 1963.

My sales director has been at this for over 30 years and she gave me a challenge, and of course, I am stepping up to do it. I am reaching out to sell $24+ to 24 people in 24 hours. I want you to know,______________, I don’t want you to feel obligated. I would like you to go onto my website and take a look. It’s such a comprehensive line of makeup, skincare, and fragrance! I think it’s impressive! If you want to help me with the challenge, that’s great. You can order directly from my website or you can call, email or text me. My website is__________________. I can’t wait to hear your opinion.

I am doing my challenge on _____________. Let me know if you are in, ok? 

Of course, if you have any questions, it can be confusing, I will love to chat.