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Airport Attire…Are Comfort and Attractive Compatible?

Oh Boy!  I clearly haven’t traveled in a while.  I am on my way to Vieques, Puerto Rico from Burlington, Vt.

Granted, we had a 5:50 AM flight, but really?  The level of dress? Big decline in the last two years. I thought it was crazy casual before, but we have sunk to a new level.

Yes, I said it…we have sunk.

I asked in a post on social media, “who remembers women in dresses and men in suits?”.  That was the other end of the spectrum.  I’d have no interest in traipsing through the airport in high heels and pantyhose.  

My MO has always been to put some effort into the way I look. I believe people treat you better when you look like you care about yourself. My thoughts? If there is a problem in the travel process, I want to look like people should take me seriously. Will they? Usually, yes.

I do think there is a happy medium. Can’t we be cute and comfortable?  I want to share a few photos I snapped.

What are your thoughts?

False eyelashes are a thing…day and night. Although, I don’t see the look very often where I live, in Vermont. 

Is this a nod to fashion in New York?  (Our lay over airport)

Interesting…huge false eyelashes with sweats.  

And then there was this…Am I getting old? The makeup with her attire…wow!  

Somehow, the girl with the tan sweats was rather adorable. 

I don’t want to sound mean, but this one? Her look doesn’t work for me.

The sandals…they are the cherry on the top…or, in this case, the bottom. 

When I focused on what people were wearing in the airport this morning, I thought it would be a good blog post. 

I looked hard to find someone who was dressed, really dressed with some thought. The pickings were slim. I walked up and down the terminal to see if anyone had anything that said, “that’s cute”

Cute?  Anyone?  Anyone?

When I came back to my seat by the gate, I looked at my friend Mary Ann. There she was…casual, and well put together…and, she got up at 3AM this morning. 

Kudos, Mary Ann Ficociello!



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