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Change the shoes

Change the shoes, change the jacket. Voila! My visual message has changed.

I probably don’t have to say anything more. Looking at the photos gives you the total story. That’s the point. You give your impressions in the first thirty seconds someone sees you.

If you are anything like me, your day is filled with different activities. I often go from ballet or yoga, to a consulting session. I would not answer the door for a new client dressed in my casual look, and I would not enter a yoga class in the striped jacket.  

Both are favorite wardrobe pieces. It’s good to know where to wear them. Do you have questions about what you have in your closet? Reach out! I will help you to sort those questions out.

The swing jacket is from Expressions VT and the striped jacket is from CABI.

My favorite boots are from Charleston Shoe Company.


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