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Do you know YOUR colors?

Ahh…colors. One of my favorite subjects! During the last few weeks, I have posted about each “Color me Beautiful” season.

For autumns, I chose Julia Roberts. For springs, it was Scarlett Johansson. Princess Kate was my winter, and Emily Blunt is a great example of a summer.

Some people are so obvious, they know which colors flatter them. Some decide they are a given season because they love that color palette. Others haven’t a clue.

Why does it matter? Because…if you are in colors which intrinsically look best on you, your eyes look brighter, your teeth look whiter, and your face looks more radiant.

If you shop with your color scheme, you will spend a lot less money. You will find endless color combinations. It’s incredibly cool to see how that works. When I do a color presentation, it is amazing to see how all the colors in a given palette work together.

 If you buy a color because you truly look great in it, that piece will have far better chance of being worn more, and for years to come. If you are buying a piece because the color is trendy, bets are, you will give it to Goodwill when the color isn’t as hot.

I like to show this simple chart when explaining the difference between the seasons.

I am going to share each color video here. Take a look at Julia Roberts, a great example of an autumn. Notice the difference when she is in warm vs cool colors.

Hardly anyone wears their color palette exclusively.  Let’s talk about black/and or white. Who doesn’t like a crisp white blouse? White is not Julia’s color, but pairing the white blouse with camel pants? Brilliant!  Camel looks great on Julia, and it looks great with white. 

The same concept goes with black.  Black and camel are a divine color combo. A super way for one who looks best in warms to wear black. 

It’s easy for the eye to go from her face to the slacks, then back to her face. There is a visual flow.

The next season, spring. You will see a big difference when Scarlett is wearing warm, clear colors.

I couldn’t resist showing a side-by-side photo of Scarlett in red.  Funny…Scarlett? In red?  Sorry, I digress…Work with me on this.

 I know, she has a tee shirt and unprofessional make up in one and a red-carpet situation in the other. Her face is completely in shadow with the cool red, and her teeth look rather dull with the pinkish nude lip. The warm red makes her jump off the page! So much better.

Princess Kate. Another stunning woman, can she look bad in anything?  Look at her in winter colors vs others. Clear, cool colors bring out a radiant look.  It’s quite apparent…take a look.

The last season features summers. I think they are the toughest season to decipher. They often think they fall into the winter season, and sometimes autumn or spring.  I haven’t checked this out with any hair stylists, however, from my observations, they are most likely to color their hair which makes them even more confusing. Emily Blunt is a perfect example of a summer who has taken on many hair shades.  

A summer’s coloring is almost fragile. It’s subtle. They radiate in their soft muted colors, and they are drowned when moving into a different color palette than their own.

 Is your head spinning? This is a lot of information.

 If you want to know what colors are best for you, reach out. If you know your colors and would be curious how to maximize your color choices, reach out. If you love colors from other palettes, let me help you. We can explore combinations which will work for you.

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