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Everyone looks good in a shade of Yellow

I have often heard, “I look terrible in yellow”. Did you know everyone has a shade of yellow which is “your color”?  That works with almost all shades of color. Some are your most flattering, and others…not so much.

Let’s talk about yellow for now. Most of the photos I have chosen are predominantly the whole outfit. If yellow scares you a bit, use it as an accent, such as yellow shoes and purse.   It’s happy and a subtle attention grabber.

Let’s talk about the various shades of yellow…

The long linen dress is a perfect example of a cool shade of yellow.  It’s delicate and it’s perfect on a “summer”, if you remember “Color me Beautiful” in the eighties. If you have an olive or yellow base to your skin, this is a perfect yellow for you.

The short sleeve dress with the full skirt has a touch of mustard in the mix.  It’s a warm color and it’s muted.  This is perfect on an “autumn”.  If you have a pink base to your skin, this might be a great match for you. Here’s an example… If you have auburn hair and pink skin…try this!

The bright yellow dress is super if your skin is olive based and you look best in clear, true colors. Often, black, or brown skin is ideal in this color. If you know you are a winter, try this!

The blouse is a nice buttery yellow. If you have pink skin, and fair, this is a win for you. I know…I chose a photo of a women with olive skin. Stylists often put darker women in this shade of yellow. Its best on a “spring”, typically with warm blond, red, or strawberry blonde hair.  If you are that person, try it!

This is very clear in my head, after all, I’ve been at this for forty years. If you are not seeing the difference, reach out. I’ll go over color with you.

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