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Holiday Parties…What do I Wear?

Do you experience anxiety when you are dressing for a holiday party? Do you feel you have to run out and get something new?

If getting a new outfit excites you, go for it. Shop away.

If you are not that person, there are a couple of things you can do. One…you can go to a fabulous boutique or store and ask for the best sales associate they have. It’s not rude, it’s your money and you need the help. A good salesperson will put you into something you never dreamed would work on you.

Two…when you happen to be in a store, buy pieces you LOVE.  Buying when you don’t need an item is a better option. When you go into a store under “need”, especially if you try to do this without help, you will probably settle.

This video will show you pieces I put together. They have been in my closet for years, and pieces I wear all the time in “dressed down” occasions.

If you feel lost, I’ve got you. Reach out and we will do a consult. In the meantime, watch this.

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