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I love her look, but the shoes…

I absolutely love her look.

But the shoes… do you like them?

I did this as a post on FB. There were many opinions on the shoe choice. No doubt about it…shoes change the visual message.  I do not like the model’s choice of shoes. The straps are not flattering on her. They make this gorgeous woman look like she has “cankles”. Personally, if I were the stylist, I would have chosen the bootie on the bottom to give her a beautifully balanced heel.

Many of my FB followers liked the other shoe options. Some said they were done with high-heels. I am lucky, I can still wear them, and they do give a look of length.

However, my days of wearing heels all day are over. I used to wear them for eight hours in the store. Heck!  I was in my 20’s and 30’s! God knows how many miles I walked in a day at the store. Now, I can wear heels for “out to dinner” or a meeting. For walking?  It’s a flat or a small heel.  I’ve become a great fan of a lug sole. I wear the Monterey bootie by Charleston Shoe Co constantly. They are cute and I can literally walk for miles in them.

Or which pair would you choose with this outfit?


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