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Joggers…are they for you?
I have been looking at photos of women in joggers for quite some time. They look uber comfy, but I kept on avoiding the look for me. I had the feeling it would add too much to my hips.

And…I really don’t like the look of pulling in the crotch. Ugh…so unattractive!

This weekend, I found myself with enough time to go downtown and indulge my curiosity.  I even brought my husband to keep me company.

Side note…I thought about all the hundreds of husbands, boyfriends, and male friends who would accompany my customers to my store so many years ago.

Ken found a comfortable chair and I was delighted to see the amused look on his face.  It brought back memories for him too…except I was on the other end…not the salesperson. Now, the customer.

I chose Athleta because I knew there would be a large selection of joggers. For anyone living in or visiting Burlington, VT, I recommend a visit there. They know their products and they are incredibly nice.

The selection is bountiful, and I love that they cater to a huge range of sizes. The more we get to look at larger mannequins and models, the more our eyes (and brain) will say, “Yes. That looks great.”

I informed the staff that I would be writing an article for my blog about joggers. As I told you, I had no expectation that this would be a look which gave me happiness.  They suggested I hadn’t found the right fabric or fit.  I was game to try.

Take a look at my video, let me know your thoughts, and of course, if you have any questions about yourself in joggers, let’s talk.

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