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Let’s Avoid Dowdy Denim

Dowdy denim.  Now, that has a ring to it, but I wouldn’t be happy if that was a comment under one of my posts. Seriously, I don’t think anyone says, “Yes, please sign me up for that dowdy look.”

How does dowdy happen? Many stop looking in the mirror, therefore tweaks that are needed are not seen. Some are stuck in the past. What looked fine at twenty-five may not cut it after several babies and many years. And yes, some styles will simply look dated.

I thought this collage was a great example of a few adjustments that make the second photo look infinitely better.

Both are wearing a grey sweater and jeans…and they both are carrying a cute red bag. Why does the second shot look better?

Photo #1 has a sweater which stops too high, and I think it accentuates her bustiness. The layered shirt and the long duster give model #2 a longer look. 

I also have a thing about flat pumps, ballet flats, or whatever you may call them. Who are they really flattering on? Women with thin long ankles, and a high arch in her foot. If that’s you, go for it!

Unfortunately, I fall into the “I can’t wear it” category.  For the rest of us, a flat ballet pump looks dumpy…Makes you look short with thick ankles.  Not the “go-to” look most of us desire.

I am going to leave you with a video addressing this issue. I threw in a casual option and a dress for work option.

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