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Little Black Dress

There is so much to say about this subject. The possibilities go on and on. The trick is to find a simple style which flatters YOU. I like the idea of having a sleeveless and a sleeve version.  If you are a minimalist, have a sleeveless version. You can always layer.

The woman in the photo has patterned tights. If you are not a fan of your legs, wear an opaque tight.  If you are looking at her pumps and it’s making your feet hurt just looking at it?  Go for a cute bootie.  I love the Monterey boot by The Charleston Shoe Co.  I’ll post a link.

The little black dress is like chicken.  Whatever you put with it, creates the flavor.  Change the shoes to boots, change the dressy jewelry to a scarf, go from bare legs to tights. Layer jackets and sweaters.  Get the point?

If you are unsure, and want some assistance, that’s what I am here for!

Speaking of here…here is the link to the boot I love.  https://bit.ly/3j6uQ9E

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