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Maxi Skirts…what length?

Skirt lengths have been going up and down since the 1920’s.  Maxi lengths ebb and flow on the fashion scene, but they don’t disappear.

They were big in the late sixties, and they are strong again now.

What are your thoughts about them?  I like them, they are comfortable and can be attractive. That is a relative term. What is attractive to one may be ridiculous to another.

I have put together a little collage of some maxi skirts.  In it, I have shown ankle length to dragging on the ground.

You can probably tell I don’t like the length that hides a shoe. To me, it looks sloppy and who wants their hemline to drag in the dirt all day?  It’s also a dangerous length…so easy to trip on your skirt.

If you are a petite height, you may think there is too much material in the maxi skirt. Not really. Again, keep the hemline at ankle length…a better balance for you.

If you are quite tall and all legs? That’s my pass on a longer length, go for it, but again, let a little sandal, boot, or shoe show…at least the toe.

If this is confusing, no problem, reach out!  I am happy to help you with this.  Feel free to email me at nan@nanpatrickknows.com

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