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New Beauty Consultants – Free Product & Commissions

New Beauty Consultants!

First orders…for every $600 in an opening order, you get the choice of bundles averaging $150 retail …they used to average about $90

In your first FOUR months….

  1. every time you cumulatively get to $600 in wholesale orders, MK gives you another $100 retail for free…no limits!
  2. every time you recruit someone who starts with a $600+ wholesale order, MK gives you $220 of retail products for FREE…no limits!

New commissions

  1. From your first recruit…you get a $50 cash bonus when she starts with $600+ in wholesale orders (it used to be at your 4th recruit)
  2. You get a 4% commission when your team orders up to $999
  3. You get a 6% commission when your team orders $1000-$1799
  4. You get an 8% commission when your team orders over $1800
  5. You get 9-13% commissions when you have 5 or more team members.
  6. When you have a team member who has 3 team members, not only do you get paid on your personal team members, you get paid on her team members!