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Please…Change your Handbag!

When I speak to groups about image, I usually address handbags. I ask, “how many of you use the same bag every day?” Usually, at least half the group raises their hand.

I then ask for a volunteer who raised their hand. She shares her bag with the group. It is often beat up and it almost never coordinates with her outfit.

If you wore the same pair of shoes every day, they would be beat up like your handbag. It’s also impossible to have one set of footwear to go with everything you wear. Same with your pocketbook.

You may be one of those who loves purses and changes all the time.  You get a gold star! You are using a practical item as an accessory, and it looks so much better!

If you are the majority, why don’t you change bags? Is it a pain in the neck? You don’t have enough time?

Watch this video…it’s a handy tip! If you need help in this arena, I am here for you. Reach out.

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