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Travel Packing…Easy Tips!

When you pack to travel, do you bring too much? Do you do without? Do you pack in advance? Or, are you a last minute packer?

I have always packed last minute, and since I have traveled so much, it never seemed like a big deal.  I’m pretty good at it.

I wanted to record a video on packing…to share what I’ve figured out over the years. And guess what? I packed early. I think it’s the first time ever!

I might become an early packer convert. It’s less stressful and if I needed something, I had time to deal with it. If you pack at 10 PM the night before, you probably don’t have time to wash something, pick something up at the drug store, or get an item which is handy to have.

This video is a tad longer than most. I hope you get some easy tips in taking the time to watch.

Here are my bullet points…

  1. Pack early
  2. Pack around a color scheme
  3. Make sure all the items will get worn more than once (unless your trip is an overnight deal)
  4. Make sure your items coordinate with more than one item.
  5. Transfer beauty products into travel sized containers…or bring already packaged mini sized products
  6. Shoes take up room, bring shoes which will go with many looks.
  7. Bring packable fabrics that don’t wrinkle or show the dirt.

As always, if this is overwhelming, reach out. I am here for you.

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