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Video Share Challenge Guidelines & Questionaire


Contest Guidelines:

  • All follow ups must take place the same day as the video is viewed. All follow ups must be a verbal conversation.
    Text, messanger or emails are not as effective.
  • During the follow up you MUST ask her to join your team. Be sure to share why you feel she would be a great Consultant and why you would love for her to be part of your team.

    Remember…No hinting or waiting for volunteers.

  • TO WIN YOUR PRIZE ALL VIDEO SHARES MUST BE LOGGED IN FORM BELOW. Only those that are logged in by the consultant will be counted towards the contest. All questions on this form must be filled out.

Consultant MK Video Blast Challenge Questionaire

Each Survey Question must be filled out completely.

1.Your Name *

2. Customer’s Name *

3. Customer’s Phone Number

4. What did your Customer say when you asked her to join your team?

5. Did you ask for a referral – (Offer a Talent Scout Fee) * Yes / No

6. What do you think your next step should be with her to layer her?