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Visual Overkill

When I look at this photo, I am overloaded with visual information. What do you look at? There is so much going on that my eye can’t get back to the model’s face. 

I love mixing prints, but I also like the mix to tell a story. What do the boots have to do with the duster? 

She could have done the ripped jeans, crop top and boots. That would have been cute. If she was chilly and wanted to layer, well…how about a jean jacket or beige knit swing sweater?

She also could have done the duster with a solid creme legging and top.  Stunning with her light coloring. The duster would have been a fabulous accent piece, and our eye could go back to her face. Frame your face…let’s not play “where in the world is Carmen Sandiago”.

If you want to get help in this arena, that is what I am here for.  

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