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People say I never change. That’s hilarious. In a couple of weeks, I will turn 68. I certainly don’t look 25 anymore. I will admit, my skin is holding up quite well.

Personal care is important to me. I generally eat well, I usually have good night sleeps, I move my body, and I take excellent care of my skin.

So many have said they don’t have time to use “all of that stuff”. I say? “Oh yes you do!” It’s how you think about self-care.

If you think you must take 20-30 minutes a couple of times a week to Zen out and do nothing else but skin care pampering, you may love the idea, but it won’t happen. (It wouldn’t happen for me)

I give you 100% permission to multi-task with this one. Today, I washed my face, applied the Timewise Repair Radiance Peel, and the Hydrogel Eye Patches. I poured myself a cup of coffee and I am writing this Blog post.

Then, I set my alarm for 20 minutes. Don’t worry, if you get involved with something that can’t be interrupted, you can keep the products on a few minutes longer. Like now. My alarm went off about ten minutes ago. I’ll be right back.

I’m back. I wiped the mask off with a washcloth and applied my eye cream, a serum, and my moisturizer. That took about 45 seconds. Phew!  What a workout! (I hope you are getting the sarcasm)

I then went crazy and applied foundation, concealer, brow pencil, and a tinted lip balm…another two minutes!

Why do I do the extra steps? Number one, I admit it, I am vain. I enjoy the fact that my skin looks younger than 68 years.

There is a second reason…it feels so good! When I touch my face, it is amazing. So soft and smooth. As all those ads have said a million times…I am worth it. So are you!