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I go to my dermatologist at least once a year for body checks. I want to make sure I am on top of anything that looks like a pre-cancer spot.

Did you know that most of our sun damage happens by the time we are eighteen? How many of us grew up using anything we could to get and look tanned? I was big into baby oil and reflectors.

One day, I went into my dermatologist’s office and one of the office people was so excited about an anti-aging skin care line they just added. She wanted me to try it. I replied, “you do know what I do for a living, right?” Of course, she did!  Her answer? ”OH, That’s just Mary Kay”.

 Really? How rude could she get? How wrong could she be? That was the last time I visited that doctor.

Let’s look at “that’s only Mary Kay”. It tells me this person is not informed of what the brand, Mary Kay, represents.

May Kay carefully screens every ingredient. If they can’t verify its safety, they won’t use it.     

MK spends millions of dollars and conducts hundreds of thousands of tests every year, including clinical studies with independent dermatologists, ophthalmologists, and other medical experts. 

MK actively investigates and monitors issues related to product safety and takes action based on scientific fact. 

MK goes
above and beyond the more than 1,300 ingredients banned worldwide to meet their high standards of product safety.

When it comes to product safety, they always put you first!

These promises bring confidence and comfort to me. I know that many people start businesses in direct sales including Mary Kay. Most have no idea of the excellence standing behind them. The smart and savvy MK consultants learn these facts and share them with their clients.

I have met with thousands of people in my thirty plus years with Mary Kay. I would say most are pleased by MK’s excellence. Many are surprised to learn what goes into producing their extensive product line.

I respect when someone says their dermatologist suggested something. After all, that doctor spent many years in medical school and training. I also know that Mary Kay is developed by award winning scientists and dermatologists. Mary Kay wants and can afford the best, and they get them.

If you are interested, I will share a link from my MK website. Meet Mary Kay’s scientists. They are amazing.