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I now have three items to offer you to de-puff your eyes.  It can be confusing. Let me simplify this for you.

The first item is Indulge Soothing Eye Gel.  It is the least expensive item addressing puffy eyes. It soothes tired eyes and adds a bit of moisture. Your eyes will appear less puffy.


My Hydrogel Eye Patches basically does the same thing…only more. The magic of the ingredients is captured under your eyes by the patches for 20-30 minutes, giving you more benefits.

The newest addition to help under eye puffiness is Instant Puffiness Reducer. At first, I thought this was complicated. It’s not. The results are seriously good.

  1. Cleanse your face and make sure your skin under your eye is dry.
  2. Take the smallest amount…the size of a dry piece of rice and pat that under your eye area.
  3. Wait to apply your foundation and/ or concealer for 15 minutes. Go ahead and apply your other skin care, get dressed, brush your teeth. You get it.
  4. Now come back to apply your foundation or concealer under your eyes…pat only. No rubbing. Feel free to use eye cream above your eyes and where crow’s feet are. Do not apply eye crème under your eyes…save that for the evening. 

You will see how effective this product is on you and watch the video to see the results.